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What I'm doing now

Updated: 22nd June, 2024 from Manali - quite cold here, productive.

Manali Bliss

Living in Mountain village with nature & Han. Loving Manali valley - staying in beautiful house in apple orchids, with an amazing valley view away from noise. 12-24 degrees! Sleeping early and waking up early. Currently looking for a long term 1 year+ 2 bedroom set here.

Creative Solitude

Creative zone is back! Creating time for me to pursue goals I want. Even tried my hands at creating videos with AI. Checkout here. Not interacting with world much & liking it that way.

Therapy’s Transformative Power

Therapy continues to amaze me and how much impact it can have in one's life! An amazing space where you can talk to parts of you & gain confidence on your inner self. Want more of this in the world.